Saturday, July 17, 2010

Last night my husband took me out on a date. We were designating Friday nights as date night but things got busy and it sort of fell through the cracks. The other day I mentioned that I missed not dating anymore. Doing house chores, working on the yards, and work has really been taking up all our free time. I think we finally got into a rut. Have you ever been in a rut? Everyday seems to be the same. It's like that old commercial by Dunking Donuts...."gotta get up and make the donuts." Do you remember that commercial? That's how I've been feeling lately.

Well, yesterday my husband called me and received a huge bonus check from one of his projects. He told me to get ready because when he got home he was taking me out on the town. We ended up at a fantastic Indian restaurant. It was delish. Anyone else love Indian food? The restaurant was so relaxing and had excellent service. The staff had bow ties on and it really reminded me of the 1950's. The manager was so sweet and kept checking on us. He kept asking my husband if he liked the food. My husband has a favorite Indian dish that we haven't been able to find at any of the restaurants in Houston. He asked the manager if they could prepare it and they happily whipped it up for him. My husband was in heaven. Then afterwards took the long way home through the city. I love driving in the city at night. I remember we use to drive through San Francisco at night. It's like an entirely different world than during the day.
We had such a nice time that we are back on the track with our Friday date nights. I wonder what we shall do next weekend. Any ideas for a fun date night?

Thursday, July 15, 2010

I forgot what I was going to say....

I've been doing a lot of this lately. Yesterday I walked into the room and completely forgot the reason of why I walked in there. I'll start a task and then my mind just turns off. Is it the heat? Am I tired? I don't know. I feel that I haven't been on the ball. My poor dear husband. He has to keep track of everything for me. I'll ask him, "Where are my keys?" "Have you seen my purse?" "What was it that I needed to pick up at the grocerey store?" He's like my personal assistant. He always has the answer. Sometimes he doesn't even respond but will hand me my keys, purse, or list. He's my rock. I can't imagine how bad it's going to be when I'm an old lady. Poor guy.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Lazy Summer Afternoon

Today was one of those relaxing weekends. I hardly did anything but lay around in the A/C and read a good book. My husband worked a little on organizing the garage. After relocating a year ago we are finally getting to the garage. I did my part last weekend by weeding out my holiday decorations. We've decided we need to clean house. I can't believe everything we've accumulated in the past few years. It's nice feeling to declutter and organize the closets, attic, office, and such. It's been a great time to work in the house because it's been so hot and miserable outdoors. However, I suppose that's just summer in Houston. One day it's nice and the next day it feels like living in an oven wrapped in a wet blanket. It makes me yearn for my native California. I use to enjoy summer when I grew up on the west coast. Now I look forward to fall. Texas is really hot during the summer. We lived nearly 5 years in Austin. I must admit it was hot but not nearly as humid as Houston. I found a great little ice cream shop nearby. It's become our little weekend retreat. We like to reward our hard work by indulging in some frozen heaven. It really helps cool us off. My favorite is strawberry. I like to go out for ice cream instead of keeping it in the house. I think I would be tempted to eat the whole carton during a hot weekend, Ha. How are you spending your summer so far?

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

My New Specs

Yesterday I picked up my new eye glasses. I normally wear my contacts but my new frames look absolutely fabulous. Very chic! They totally made the outfit and gave me yet another style. I think I'm actually going to start wearing glasses more often. I'm terrible on my frames. I use them only when I watch television at night when I take off my make up and contacts. At night I'm embarrassed to admit I toss them onto my bed stand. I was so hard on the last pair that the screw actually came out. I kept telling myself I was going to run to the office to have them fix them but I never did. Instead I stuck a pin to hold them together. Not fashionable at all! I've worn contacts for nearly 12 years and never leave the house with my glasses on. However, my neglectful behavior finally caught up with me. I was having issues with my left eye. At first I thought I had strained while on the computer too long. After about 3 days I knew it was not strained and something was wrong. I made an appointment at my eye doctor and found out that I had infection in my left eye. Who knows how I got it. I've been traveling a lot int he past couple of weeks. He prescribed some medication (eye drops) and told me not to wear contacts. WHAT!!! I told my husband that I had to buy new glasses. No way could I be seen in the old frames. Besides, I think the prescription had changed since I wore them last. It's my fault for procrastinating. I'm usually on top of everything else but this area of eye care hasn't been a priority. I've gotten so use to popping my contacts in and out that I rarely need to use glasses. Now my back was against the wall and I was forced to buy another set of frames. I'm glad I did because the new glasses are really chic and trendy and looks great with my red hair. I just colored my hair 3 shades of red and I love it! I suppose it all worked itself out in the end.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Happy Independence Day

Hope y'all have a wonderful, relaxing, and safe holiday weekend.