Saturday, July 10, 2010

Lazy Summer Afternoon

Today was one of those relaxing weekends. I hardly did anything but lay around in the A/C and read a good book. My husband worked a little on organizing the garage. After relocating a year ago we are finally getting to the garage. I did my part last weekend by weeding out my holiday decorations. We've decided we need to clean house. I can't believe everything we've accumulated in the past few years. It's nice feeling to declutter and organize the closets, attic, office, and such. It's been a great time to work in the house because it's been so hot and miserable outdoors. However, I suppose that's just summer in Houston. One day it's nice and the next day it feels like living in an oven wrapped in a wet blanket. It makes me yearn for my native California. I use to enjoy summer when I grew up on the west coast. Now I look forward to fall. Texas is really hot during the summer. We lived nearly 5 years in Austin. I must admit it was hot but not nearly as humid as Houston. I found a great little ice cream shop nearby. It's become our little weekend retreat. We like to reward our hard work by indulging in some frozen heaven. It really helps cool us off. My favorite is strawberry. I like to go out for ice cream instead of keeping it in the house. I think I would be tempted to eat the whole carton during a hot weekend, Ha. How are you spending your summer so far?


  1. My husband and I need to declutter. I hope we get to it soon! I love ice cream. I could eat it every day!

    Have a great Sunday!


  2. Hi, my friend! Sounds like you had the perfect weekend. I love cleaning out... it's such a great feeling. Stay cool!

    Ohh... I went to Jackson, MS last week. Thought of you.

  3. It sounds like you had a great time. I spent the weekend at my cousin's. I always enjoy spending time with him.

  4. I was spending two lovely weeks with gorgeous Summer weather at my tiny cottage at the Isle of Moen:

    And can you believe it!?! A farm had started home made "Moen Ice Creams"! We went there every second day. I just LOVE ice creams! :)

    I'm also sorting things out (I'm always sorting things out) for a planned flea market soon. I'll go with my SIL and a friend, and try to convince DH that he has some things he doesn't need too. Men aren't good at sorting things out.