Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Summer Countdown

Summer is finally coming to an end. I can't believe how quickly it flew by this year. I heard that school starts next week. We don't have children so I have to rely on the news or hear through the grapevine. In a way I'm sad but on the other hand I'm eager for fall. August has been truly a disgustingly hot month down here in the Bayou City. That's what they call Houston "Bayou City." Texas is pretty much always a warm state but August has about killed me. It's hot when I wake up, it's hot during the day, and it's hot when I try to sleep at night. All this heat makes me sleepy and cranky.
My husband asked me what I would like to do this weekend. I told him I would like to drive down to the coast. It's one of the last weekends of summer and I want to spend it on the beach. At least I can feel the cooler breeze of the Gulf of Mexico. I decided I want to head down to Corpus Christi this weekend. I have a new book that I'm itching to crack open.
What is the one thing you would like to do before the end of summer?


  1. I know you've had it really hot and humid this summer in TX. It has been hot here, too. So if it has been up here, I know you guys in TX really have had it bad! Well, ordinarily I might want to go to another Farmer's Market or do some antiquing. But considering we are moving in a couple months, I will really be happy if we can find an apartment to rent!


  2. I will sit as much as possible in my vintage garden swing, viewing our garden, drinking tea or latte and talking with DH - or perhaps sitting there alone knitting, and enjoying the silence. I miss my garden swing ALL Winter. You can see Café Stone Corner here: It is our favourite spot in the world.

    And I will, of course, drive my lovely vintage car as much as possible, before he has to stay in the garage all Winter.

    I ADORE Autumn, but I hate Winter! No that's not true, I love Winter, when it snows, but Winter in Denmark is way too long. I would like to shorten it about two months or so. Our Summer started late and it looks like it is ending early, deep sigh. We Danes are very good at having a cosy time inside, since we are forced to it.

    Wishing you a lovely weekend. :)