Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Day Off

Yesterday I took the day off. Well, sort of. I jumped out of bed and made breakfast for my hubby, then started a load of laundry, went jogging on the greenbelts, came back and worked on my yard (pulled weeds), cleaned off the porch, wiped down the front porch rocking chairs, ran to the grocery store, made dinner, cleaned the fridge, took out the trash, and washed my car. Yep, I'm exhausted today but at least my car will look nice and clean while running errands. Thank goodness for my restful day off.


  1. What a day - busy bee!
    It feels so good afterwards. :)

  2. Wow. What a busy lady you were. Glad you got so much done. I hope this finds you doing well. I'm suppose to go by my community college the first of this week to get the ball rolling with getting back in.

  3. That's amazing!!!! Will you pass some of that energy to me? HA!