Friday, February 20, 2009


I've been asked many times if "Gigi" is my real name. The answer is NO. Gigi is not my legal name. So, why do you go by Gigi? Here's the story behind my name. My dad always wanted a daughter named, "Jenni." My mother compromised and they agreed on "Jennifer Nicole." They compromised but I didn't. When I was 2 years old and learning names I didn't agree to go by Jennifer or Jenni. I would call myself, Gigi. When my family tried to correct me I would throw a big tantrum. Everyone gave in and started calling me Gigi. When I enrolled in school I went by Jen (legal name) because there were about a million Jennifer's in my class. But my family still called me Gigi (as well as my close friends). When I began working; again there were too many Jennifer's, Jenni's, and Jen's at my company. It was getting so confusing that I went back to my nickname, "Gigi." Everyone seemed to think I was a Gigi more than a Jennifer, Jenni, or Jen anyways. And that is the story behind my name. I like to believe that I was born Jennifer Nicole but God changed my name to Gigi. He must have whispered into my ear and told me as a toddler.

A friend bought me the Gigi God's Little Princess book. The little girl's character reminds me so much of myself when I was little. I tell Richard that it was written for me. He agrees....

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