Thursday, March 12, 2009

Easter is almost here

This past week has been gorgeous. It's been sunny and the temp running in the mid 80's. But this morning I woke up and it was freezing. I had to grab an extra blanket for the bed. I put on my yoga pants and sweatshirt (took me 10 minutes to locate one). I think I own only three sweatshirts since I moved to Texas. I kinda have the blahs looking outside. I know we need the rain but it looks so depressing. I love spring/summer. But I don't like cold weather at all. I was hoping to start planting my flower bed but Richard told me that you have to wait until April. That we were in for one more cold snap. I told him he was ridiculous but looks like he was right.

That's one reason why I love Easter so much. It's when the flowers are blooming and the weather is still fabulous. I'm looking forward to Easter this year. I've found the perfect Roasted Lamb Recipe that I'm going to prepare for our holiday dinner. I'm waiting to drag all of my Easter decorations out of the garage too. It's crazy....I've noticed that the stores began putting the Easter decorations and chocolate out in February (right after Valentine's Day). It just seems like they are getting more eager to market earlier and earlier each year. It's not even St. Patty's Day yet.

Here are a few ideas I found for decorating my dinner table for the Easter holiday. I love it!!!

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