Thursday, March 12, 2009

Happy Birthday Barbie

Barbie turned 50 this week. Can you believe it?! She looks great. Must be from all that "plastic" surgery, LOL! I love retro Barbie. I started collecting retro Barbie a couple of years ago. I think she was so glamarous back in the day. I remember when I use to stay with my aunt Diane and Uncle Cal during the summers when I was a little girl. They had a small farm outside of Sacramento, California. At night my Aunt Diane would bring out her magical box of Barbies. They were from when she was a little girl so they were the real deal. I use to study her Barbies make-up and clothes. I would tell myself that I wanted to be Barbie when I grew up. I think Barbie represents something more than a beautiful doll to me. She represents a piece of my childhood that I'll always cherish. The Cowgirl Barbie is going to be my next purchase.

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