Saturday, May 30, 2009

Oh my goodness!!!

This isn't y'alls Ma Maw's crock pot. No way! This is for a spicy chef who keeps her kitchen alive in animal print. Y'all I came across this little hottie on the site. I must get this cutie pie. My crock pot is the traditional heavy white thing with onions and carrots printed on the side. Nothing fancy but it does its job. If I had a slow cooker like this one...well, it would jazz up my recipes.

Look at these cute little Zebra print glasses. Wouldn't that be a cute combination? You could have a black tablecloth, white dinner plates, and Zebra print glasses. You could serve Jambalaya right out of the crock pot and place it center on the table. My mind is spinning with entertaining ideas already. Oooo..La..La!!! Gotta get me this crock pot.

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