Thursday, September 24, 2009

Teaching the Next Generation

Sorry I haven't posted but we had a big storm come through a couple of days ago. It could have been a mini hurricane by the way the wind whipped through our neighborhood. It really made a mess of things. There were trees that blew over into the road, split a good size one in the neighbor's yard, and it even knocked out our power for nearly four hours. We've been cleaning up. Hubby worked in the back yard picking up tree limbs and pine cones while I picked up three large bags of pine needles from our driveway and front porch. My poor birds. I'm not sure where they took off to but they are back tonight. I can hear them tweeting from the tree outside my french doors.

As soon as I finished cleaning up the driveway and porch I began organizing the garage. I came across my empty peanut butter containers along with several other type of containers. I began filling them up with nails and screws when it occured to me....this is something that my grandfather use to do. I use to watch him in his shop do this very thing years ago. Not only did he do this but I've seen my father do it as well. This got me thinking of other things that I picked up on as little girl. My grandmother loved humming birds and had to have a humming bird feeder near the back window so she could watch them. I have a humming bird feeder in my back yard near my back window so I can watch them. My mother cooked chocolate chip cookies on rainy weekends. I cook chocolate chip cookies on rainy weekends. Hmmm........

What little things has your grandparents/parents taught you that you do today?


  1. I was never really close to my grandparents because we traveled alot when I was growing up...with us being Military and all. BUT...I am close to my mom and have picked up some of her traditions and habits over the years...with cooking and baking being the main one :)

  2. One thing I have picked up from my mother is cleaning on Sat. She always cleans on Sat. even now at her age of 78. It is a little harder for me now because I have kids that have games on Sat. now but, I usually do most of my cleaning anyway on Sat. what I don't get done I do on Mon. when I am off and alone. I also always cook roast in the crockpot, like my mom. We both only make it on Sum. Now I don't make it every Sun but, that is the only day we have roast with potatoes & carrots. Funny how some things never change. LOL