Monday, June 21, 2010

Clothes Make the Man


Don't you wish men looked like men of the 1950's? They really had style back then. I'm one of those lucky gals who has a husband that wears a suit and tie to work. And I must admit he looks very sharp in his threads. He also loves to wear hats. He looks good in them too. I'm a firm believer that accessories make an entire outfit. You can slip into a dress but when you add the pumps, earrings, bracelets and handbag, now you've got an outfit. Same with men. If you have a hat, cool shoes, watch, or a snazzy necktie, you're instantly cool and the ladies fall weak in the knees.

Recently I've started purchasing monogrammed handkerchiefs for my husband. At first he wasn't that excited and kept forgetting about them. However, I started carrying one in my purse and when he began to sweat (we live in Houston y'all) I'd pull one out and he would blot his face and neck. This really worked well and he began carrying them in his pocket. You wouldn't believe how many compliments he gets on his monogrammed hankie's from women. We also began investing in more hats. He looks very retro sporting his hats and people go crazy for them.

However, my husband's favorite accessory are his neckties. I think all men look classy and handsome in a necktie. I think that's one of the most attractive looks for a man. I recently came across a fabulous blog called TIEPEDIA at This is a fantastic blog full of great ideas, funny stories, and neckties (of course). If you have a minute swing by and introduce yourselves to Matt. He's a great guy.


  1. My DH is what you would call a "blue collar worker" back then, he is a motor mechanic. But since he is member of three large and important VW managements, he often has to dress up - and do I enjoy it. I've just given him a tiny Volkswagen Beetle for his buttonhole, and everybody notices it. You're right - fine feathers make fine birds.

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  3. This is my favorite post you've done so far. I do wish that more men would dress up. I work a job where I can't, but I do dress up when I'm not at work. I like to look good.