Saturday, June 26, 2010

Let's talk BBQ

It's grilling season and the other night my husband grilled the best chicken EVAH! We both love teriyaki chicken but the other afternoon when I was at the grocery store I accidentally grabbed another sauce. Boy, I'm so happy that I made the error because the new sauce was excellent. It's KC Masterpiece Caribbean Jerk. Y'all, it's so good over chicken with grilled pineapple. I made a teriyaki rice as a side and fresh fruit. Thought I'd share. Any good grilling tips for summer? What's your favorite things to grill?


  1. I'm going to a cookout this Sunday in celebration of Independence Day. I love food grilled.

  2. Oh, DH grills about everything, also desserts.

    Chicken is VERY good in a Weber, take a can of beer, pour a little of the beer out, chop a lot of your favourite herbs (like thyme, oregano, rosemary) and put them into the beer in the can, then put the can into the behind of the chicken - ouch! Grill the chicken with beer can standing up, and when the beer boils it moistures the meat and the herbs give it taste. VERY recommendable, uhm, I'm hungry now, cannot wait for DH to come home. :)

    And a little late reply to your comment, I'd love to read more about your dad. He sounds like an interesting guy, please write a post about him. :)

  3. Sounds divine and since I from the Caribbean , I will try this. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Okay, it's early morning and my stomach just growled after reading this. That chicken sounds delic. I really don't know much about grilling. I wish I did b/c I love the flavor.