Tuesday, December 21, 2010


Is anyone out there?!! I don't know if y'all have given up on my little retro blog or not but I'm still here. It's been a long time since I had the opportunity to sit down and write a post. I've had good intentions to sit down and catch y'all up but it just seems like my life has been a bit out of control this past couple of months. My whole life has literally changed overnight.

Let me explain what's been happening. A few months ago my husband was contacted by a big law firm based out of San Antonio to work on a few cases. They wanted to use his expertise in the health care field. My husband loved it! What shocks me is that this call came out of left field and he had previously discussed a dream of going to law school. Well, this entire thing just ignited his passion and so after serious consideration and prayer, we decided to go for it.

My husband enrolled into the Princeton Review to help prepare him for the LSAT. The week of the LSAT was insane. We had two state inspections show up on two different accounts and the day prior to the LSAT we were in a car accident (thankfully nobody was hurt). I felt horrible for my hubby as he was under tremendous stress but he still scored really well. Praise God!!!

That was just one of many hurdles yet to come. Next we had to get accepted into law school. My husband researched and found a particular school he wanted to attend. It was a private law school that had an amazing health care law program. The odds were totally against us getting into this private school but again we went for it. We jumped in the car and drove over to the school and my husband met with the dean. He explained why he felt he would make a good candidate for the upcoming 2011 class. The dean showed no emotions/expressions so we had no idea if he was going to give my husband a chance or thought he was insane for trying.

On December 3rd my husband checked the mail and.....HE GOT ACCEPTED!!! Not only did he get accepted but he received a personalized letter from the dean himself.

As if the holiday season isn't busy enough, we've been preparing to move out of state. It will feel so weird not to be living in the Lone Star any longer. We've been calling Texas our home for nearly 6 years. But I'm excited about returning to the deep South. We will be moving to the Magnolia state. For those who don't know the Magnolia state it's Mississippi.

My husband has a lot of roots in Mississippi and Louisiana so we will be pleased to be returning and being around all of our old friends and family once again.

As for Christmas, we'll be spending it home this year. Our very last Christmas in Texas. It's hard to imagine. I've been swamped trying to get all my holiday shopping done. We've been on the road a lot this past month, Dallas, Baton Rouge, San Antonio, etc. I planned on shopping before the big rush but time got away from me and I've had to deal with crowds this year (blah). That's the one thing I don't like about the holidays (crowds). Houston is a the 4th largest city in the United States. The last census reported 7 million but that was nearly 10 years ago. With all the people moving to Texas in the past decade I know we are pushing at least 2 million more in this city alone. That's a lot of holiday traffic, y'all. Makes me crazy. That's one thing I will not miss...not one bit...Houston traffic. I almost prefer L.A. traffic over Houston traffic. Yes, it's that bad.

Today is also my Anniversary. My husband and I are headed out on the town. I found the most beautiful black dress. As every woman knows, it's impossible to own too many black cocktail dresses. We are heading into the city to celebrate at a little German restaurant. Can't wait! I'm proud to say after all these years of marriage bliss I still think my hubby is adorable. I'm proud to be called his wife.


  1. Hi!
    I've been wondering where you've been. I meant to email but didn't get around to it. I'm so happy for you both! Your life sounds so exciting right now. Congrats to your hubby and have a blessed Christmas!


  2. I'm glad to hear everything is OK, and that you have had lots of luck. Congratulations on your anniversary. I've gone through major surgery and right after I broke my leg, so from now on everything will be MUCH better, I'm sure. Give your hubby a hug from Denmark. :)

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