Saturday, August 1, 2009

Family Fun on a Budget!

Doesn't it seem like everything cost a small fortune these days. Is it me or has the prices increased and the quality decreased? Everything is overpriced and built shotty at best (nothing built to last). I went car shopping last year and about passed out on how much the prices have soared in the past 4 years. And my husband and I went to a movie; my goodness it was just the two of us. Now I know why my mom and aunts make a big deal over that senior discount, LOL! It makes me wonder how a family can afford to do anything. When I was a kid we had all sorts of fun and it didn't cost nearly as much as it does today. But that's when socks, underwear, and a bike were considered Christmas gifts. You should see what my niece and nephew get for Christmas!!! I think my sister takes a small loan out during the holidays, LOL!!! I think a good pair of socks would change those kids. Did anyone else get socks for Christmas? And yesterday I was at the outlets and some kid had a nicer phone than me. How does that happen? He doesn't even hold down a job? Priorities in this country are out of control if you ask me. That's how we got into this deficit mess. I think we need to pull back the reins a little and begin to watch those pennies. So, I began to think of cheap but fun things a family can do on a weekend budget. This is what I came up with:

1.) Zoo- Most cities have them and they don't really cost much for admissions. They usually have activities and shows too. You could take the entire family to the zoo to learn about the animals that God created.
2.) Board Games- Most of us all have some collecting dust in the closets. Dust them off and sit around the dinner table one afternoon or evening. Set out some snacks and sodas. You would be amazed how fast time goes by and how much fun you'll have.
3.) Hiking- There are thousands of National Parks and hiking trails around our great country. Look up on the Internet to check and see where the nearest park is located and put on your hiking boots. Pack a picnic lunch and fill up an ice chest. These are the memories you'll cherish not the trip to the mall or department store.
4.) Museum- It's a great way to stay cool this summer and you will learn all sorts of cool things about your state and city. We love visiting local museums.
5.) Bike Ride- Ride your bike at the local park or bike trail. Afterwards you can go out for a scoop of ice cream.

This is my list for cheap entertainment. I would love to hear your suggestions on how to have family fun on a budget. Looking forward to reading your ideas!!!


  1. I agree. Then again...I can't talk because we bought our daughter a laptop My post in my homemaking blog explains all that. Anyway...putting all that aside...I do agree about Christmas. My hubby and I still get socks and pajamas from my parents for Christmas...and they still give our kids the same It's a to speak. When we first had our daughter, hubby and I made a rule that each child in our family will only get 3 or 4 presents each year...and that is it. So far, we have stuck to this. But our kids are still young though and haven't reached those dreaded *teen* years yet. But you can bet when they do...we are not going to be giving in to all that whining---* and so's parent's bought them this and so and so's parent's bought them that.* Ha! I wasn't raised that way...and neither was my hubby :)

    Yeah...hubby and I are still rockin those basic razor phones that came out in

  2. We go for a bike ride, free zoo day, a walk down by the lake, camping, fishing, weiner roasts, stuff like that. :) Things are getting pretty expensive. I hardly got anything this week at the store and I still spent my budget. :( Yikes. I'm glad I have stuff put up at home. Winter will be here before we know it. I need to get busy. lol