Thursday, August 27, 2009

Friday Date Night

My husband and I have designated Friday nights as "Date Night" so we can keep some spice in our marriage. Every week I try to come up with a new date idea. Last week it was bowling but this week I came up with a really great date. Our very own drive-in movie. Oh how I miss the drive-in. I remember going to the drive in to watch the movie, Grease. My older sister and a group of her friends took me and my best friend. She wasn't thrilled about it but got stuck babysitting and was forced to drag us along. It was the coolest thing ever!!! I ate milk duds and they even tasted better at the drive-in movie. Well, these days it would be difficult to find the traditional outdoor theater so we are going to create our own drive in movie date night (minus the car and being outdoors).

I'm planning on throwing an over sized blanket on the living room floor along with throw pillows. And turning off everything but the television.

I'm going to order Chinese take out (yummy).

Finally our movie feature will be "The Twilight Zone." I bought the series off of and I can't wait to snuggle with hubby and watch the old episodes.


  1. I love this idea! You're so creative. Y'all have fun.

  2. How awesome!! I'm still waiting for my date waiting for 3 years (the age my daughter is) That's a great idea though. I remember doing things like that before our kids came along. It was pretty darn fun :)

  3. A really cool idea for your date night!!
    Being a lot older than you, I grew up at the drive-in movies. Oh, my, yes. Bad curfew was ALWAYS before the movie was over. In the summertime, it didn't get dark until almost 9..the movie started about that time. Since I HAD to be home by 10:30 on weekends, I never got to finish a movie. My mom felt so bad about that when, YEARS later, I told her. She, like every other mom, let peer pressure rule. ANYway...we do have a drive-in here in our town. Not nearly as much fun now as....way back when!! :)

  4. Date nights are a wonderful idea. My husband and I used to do them more regularly before our two boys were born. We did all kinds of date nights, mostly centered around food. They will truly enhance your marriage.

    Thanks so much for stopping by my blog.

  5. Oh what a fun idea. Thanks for visiting, man do I miss Texas!