Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Retro Lunch Boxes

Summer break is about over and kiddo's are heading back to school. I think back when I was a girl and what I remember of my school days. I remember those big green vinyl seats on the bus, bus fumes, individual metal desks that had a flip top, the smell of chalk dust, standing in line to sharpen my pencil, the recess bell, playing on old metal playground equipment (type that would burn your butt if it was too hot), and carrying my old metal lunchbox filled with PB&J sandwiches, apples, cookies, and change to buy milk in the cafeteria (I would purchase chocolate milk of course). Look'n over my list there's gotta be at least 4 violations with OSHA, LOL!!!

I believe when I was a kid my favorite part of the day was lunch. Now that I'm all grown up not much has changed, LOL! I thought it would be fun to look up retro lunchboxes and see what they might be worth these days. If y'all have any stashed up in the attic or closets you might want to dust them off. They are worth a pretty little penny.

Since this is a retro blog I decided to use metal lunchboxes from the early 1950's. I looked them up to see what they have sold for. This is what I found.....

Mickey Mouse & Donald Duck (1954) sold $535.25 -$700

Davey Crockett (1954) sold $695.00- $900

Hopalong Cassidy (1954) sold $450- $1000.00

Who would have thought to have invested in lunchboxes when we were kids?


  1. Wow! And here I carried my lunch in a brown paper bag. Dang!


  2. Why the heck didn't I keep those things??

  3. I remember those things! They were still around when I was growing up in the late 70's :)