Tuesday, October 20, 2009

The missing Hershey Bar

I've been dieting (after I saw a very unflattering photo of myself) and within a week have already fallen off the wagon. Tonight I was craving chocolate sooo bad that I climbed out of bed and made my way down the hallway in pink fuzzy slippers and all to the kitchen. I pulled the top off the cookie jar (my secret stash) and reached inside to find it EMPTY! I flipped on the kitchen light and peered into my cookie jar; no Hershey almond bar to be found. Hubby! Immediately I knew he had found my stash once again. How could this be? That cookie jar has been empty for nearly 3 years and it's sole purpose is for decoration. How did he know that I slid my emergency chocolate in there? I mean, it was the perfect hiding place.

My tingling chocolate senses told me that there was chocolate in the house. I thought it was odd that he was so eager to run to the grocery store last night to pick up a few items I needed. That meant one thing and one thing only, CHOCOLATE RUN! Ok, but where would he stash all that delicious chocolate? Sherlock Holmes would have checked the room he spent the most time in, his office. I looked everywhere, desk, bookshelves, closet, but came up empty handed. Then just as I was about to leave I noticed one of his diploma's was off centered and turned to the right. I slid my hand behind the frame and I hit the mother load. Peanut m&m's, Hershey kisses, chocolate covered pretzels. Holy cow! I did as any woman half crazed for chocolate would do and wiped out an entire bag of m&m's, handfuls of kisses, and a couple of pretzels. I think I have consumed about 3 days worth of calories in one night. Ok, why did I have to go looking for that stash? I was going to break off a few squares from my Hershey bar and now I went crazy and ruined my diet. Tomorrow is going to be a carrot and celery day for sure. And I have to explain to my husband where his missing chocolate is. We don't even have kids or a dog I could blame, LOL! But in all fairness he created this monster when he stole my Hershey bar. Yup, completely 100% his fault. Think he'll buy it (wink).


  1. I can soooo relate to your muse. I joined Weight Watchers because I'm sick of hauling around 15 extra pounds. I miss my old face AND my old body.

    So...as much as I like that creamy brown treat I'm forcing myself to pass on the pleasure. I sure did smile BIG when the scale showed 7.5 pounds lost this WEEK! (No kidding). That was ALMOST as delicious as biting into SEE'S CANDY!

    I said ALMOST!

    Love your blog...fabuloso!!!


  2. I love your blog! Although I was born in the 70's I LOVE the 50's and 60's era's! Everything seems like it was so much more innocent and pure. Where in Houston do you live? We are having some great weather!!

  3. I can definitely relate to your post. It seems that the minute I make the decision to lose some weight, the chocolate cravings kick in! :)
    Chocolate chips that were bought for the sole purpose of making chocolate chip cookies are opened for this craving if I can find nothing else in the house to satisfy my sweet tooth. Pitiful huh?

    If I am NOT on a diet - I can have LOTS of chocolate around and I am not tempted - it just seems to happen when I TRY to diet. ~sigh~

    Seems your hubby gets real inventive with his stash spots - don't they know they can never put one over on us women when it comes to chocolate :)
    Have a great day today,

  4. Ha Ha! I can't believe your hubby hid the chocolate behind the frame and that you found it! I was reading Shape magazine yesterday on a flight. Shape said to avoid snacking "hide" your treats in an opaque container. Oh please, an opaque container isn't going to keep me from my snacks. Ha!

  5. How funny!!! You hit the chocolate jack pot girl! I would sooooo be in heaven if that were me :)