Friday, October 16, 2009

My Yard

Today is a beautiful afternoon and perfect for working in the yard. A cold front hit last night and the temps are mild for southern Texas. I've been pruning my trees and bushes back. There are tons of butterflies in the yard that have been flying around me. God has made some beautiful things. I decided to take a few snap shots of my flower beds before the winter months begin to roll in. If you look at one picture you'll see my little yard bunny. He's my first outdoor bunny. I love bunnies and I'm starting to collect them. I got him at a garage sale for only $1.00 this past spring. I think he was worth much more but I gladly forked over $1.00 to get him. Awww, I wish Houston's weather was always as nice as it is today. However, then it would only attract more people. I think 5 million people living in one city is big enough, LOL!

Have a fantastic weekend................................


  1. Your yard looks so beautiful. It has been cold and dreary here in Iowa for weeks and all the flowers around here are dead! Enjoy your nice weather!

  2. Wow~ your yard looks GREAT. I'm terrible in the yard. In fact, I had a bad dream about my backyard 2 nights ago. Ha! I love the bunny, very cute and what a deal!

  3. How nice! I need to learn how to garden. It's on my list of things to learn to do before I leave this earth :)