Monday, October 26, 2009

My Halloweenie Table

Today and tomorrow are my hubby's days off from work until the actual day of Halloween. I'm happy that he'll be home to help pass out candy to all the kiddos in the neighborhood. I don't like to decorate until the week of Halloween because I keep a Fall them up all the way through Thanksgiving. Hubby is going to help me decorate the outdoors tomorrow. I'll probably do something very simple. We never do anything scary or demonic. Wow, I've driven by some houses down the street and they have all sorts of scary things on their lawns. I would have been scared to death to trick or treat at those houses when I was little. Is it me or has Halloween gotten a little dark these days?

Tomorrow I'm planning on running by the Christian bookstore to pick up pencils, stickers, and goodies for my candy bags. I like to find pencils and stickers that say, "Jesus loves you." I think all children should hear that God loves them and that they are special. Not very many children hear that these days (very sad). I'm also planning on buying some pumpkins. I'll show pictures of the outdoors in a couple of days. Until then, here's my Halloweenie table.

My Halloween placemats & Bat glasses

My Texan Cowboy Boo Spiders....

Gotta have CANDY!!!


  1. FUN!! I'm coming to your house to trick or treat :-)

  2. I'm so with ya on those scary decorations. I see so many these days. I like your idea of having fun decorations. Also, that's so neat for you to pick up stickers and pencils at the Christian Book Store. What a great way to spread God's Word!!!


  3. I too can't wait to hand out candy this year! I really appreciate your sweet comments about my blog! It is definitely a work in progress. I haven't been to New Orleans since before Katrina and you are making me want to visit again! I used to order pralines every year and give them out for Christmas gifts! Have a great Tuesday! Kori xoxo

  4. LOL...Bom Chica Bom Bom!!! God Bless them :-) What does your hubby do in medicine? Plannning a baby anytime soon?