Tuesday, November 3, 2009

A Beautiful Fall Afternoon

Fall weather is fantastic but all my flowers start to die (boo hoo). I decided to take a quick snap shot of all my hard work this summer wilting away.

I've been seeing this adorable little brown bunny on the greenbelts near my house. I decided that I would grab my camera and see if I would get lucky this afternoon. Just when I had given up on catching a snap shot of my little furry friend I turned the corner and he was feasting on shrubs. He let me get really close before I spooked him. I LOVE bunnies and this one is a cutie. He has the little white fuzzy tail and all.

On my way back home I pass this house. It's down the street from mine and I'm in love with it. It so Southern and the yard is beautiful. I've only been in my house for little less than 8 months so I'm still learning about the region. Austin was completely different so I'm constantly looking around the neighborhood for good gardening ideas. This house speaks to me, LOL!

What are some of your favorite flowers/plants?


  1. Gigi, your yard is so pretty and manicured. You definitely have a green thumb.

    I wish I had some favorite plants to tell you about. I'm the worst gardener. I should take a photo of my overgrown, kinda dead backyard. Ha!

    A few weeks ago I walked out of my front door and had a large rose bush branch across the porch. I cut it with kid's scissors; it was really hard. I have not idea what I'm doing.

  2. Thanks, Jill. I started on a smaller scale back in my Austin home. This house is totally different but both of my neighbors are retired and are huge gardners. They've be helping me along the way.

    Oh how I wish I had grabbed my camera the prior week to those nasty storms. My flowers were so beautiful but they look terrible right now. That tree by the garage was still in bloom and was a pretty pink. It looks dead in the picture, LOL! I'm thinking of planting pink roses next spring.

    That's hilarious that you cut your rose bush with kid scissors. You make me smile :)