Friday, March 12, 2010

Busy but Blessed....

Hi y'all! I know it's been a long time since I've posted. Things at our house have been super busy and I haven't had a lot of blogging time. I'll catch y'all up.

Last summer my husband was laid off from his company. It was a complete shock and a very scary time for us. However, my husband and I put our faith in God and He completely came through for us. For the past 3 years my husband has discussed starting his own business. He has the knowledge, education, experience, and established relationships to be successful. However, it was never a good time and the thought of being 100% self employed was overwhelming. It's a big step in faith to put your household bills, retirement, investments, your entire future based on a dream. When I was younger I would have leaped and gone for it. But as you get older you have more responsibilities and "retirement" doesn't seem all that far away.

Well, I'm happy to say that the layoff really turned out to be one of the best things that ever happened to us. My husband wasn't even looking to open his business but he began getting calls from clients he had worked with in the past. They asked to retain him for contracts. One contract lead to two. Then two to six and now he has so much work that he's been turning down contracts. He even started training me so I can help him keep up. It's been a lot of work and we weren't prepared how quickly it took off. However, I'm really proud of him and I'm thankful that God has blessed us with so much. And it's a lot of fun to have a family owned business. I feel closer to my husband because I'm involved more in what he does. It's an interesting field.

I've learned through this whole experience that it's all about attitude towards what happens to you in life. Sometimes things don't go your way but if you are willing to work hard, be optimistic, and ask God for can't help but be blessed.

Hope y'all are doing great. I'm anxious to visit your blogs and see what you've been up to. Have a wonderful weekend.


  1. Everything happens for a reason! I truly believe that. Congratulations on the new business!

  2. Oh yay, Gigi! I'm so happy for y'all. I know I've been MIA lately but I still think of y'all and pray for y'all. I'll be in touch soon! So happy about your great news... God is good.

  3. Congratulations on all your luck and great life, I'm glad to hear. :)

    I've just got a new job, which I will start 1 May. A competitor called me. Better wage, I know most of my new colleagues and the company is more financial secure than the one I'm in now.

    Have a lovely Easter, both of you. :)