Thursday, March 18, 2010

Spring and Summer Must Haves

I'm loving this weather. It's in the 70's down in Houston, Texas today. It's been in the 70's for the past couple of days and I'm thrilled about it. I'm over winter already. Bring on the sunshine. Today I'm getting my closet and accessories prepared for this fast approaching season. Here's my list of Spring and Summer Must Haves.

It's that time of year when I change out my cool winter colors for warm spring & summer shades. The new Michael Kors edition from Estee Lauder has some fantastic colors. I really love the Starlet Rose lip gloss. Beautiful color!

I'll be needing a new cosmetic bag and love this one from LuLu Guinness. I love her stuff.

Lollia is my favorite brand for bath scents. They make wonderful perfumes. Light, floral, and fantastic.

My new flip flops. I love the color and pattern. They will look great with my pink polished toes.


  1. Love all this's not quite warm enuf out here in West Texas yet to be thinking of all this won't be long. Of course, out here in the spring, we are covered up with wind and sand. Once the sand quits blowing, oh, say...around the first of June, THEN my thoughts turn to summer colors... Oh, by June, it will be sooo hot in Houston. Bet you are used to it but it just about kills us when we go there.
    Happy Spring,

  2. I like all your must haves. It's so fun to get new things for spring/summer. Hope you're doing well!


  3. Great 'must have' list for the spring! I'm a cold weather girl, probably b/c TX is SO freaking hot and I welcome the change. I must admit... I'm looking forward to some warmer weather even though I'm still fat. :)

    Happy Spring!

  4. Great must haves! :) I love the makeup colours.
    A gal can never have too many lipglosses, perfumes and flipflops. I'm looking SO much forward to Summer too, but we still have frost in the morning here in Denmark