Saturday, April 3, 2010

Happy Easter...


Hope everyone has a wonderful Easter weekend. Any plans? We'll be attending church tomorrow morning and then heading back to indulge ourselves in our Easter feast and chocolate bunnies. I don't think you are ever too old for a chocolate bunny.

My favorite Easter memory is hunting those colorful Easter eggs. That's when eggs were hard boiled. We would dip them in the dye and add colored glitter. Oh the countless hours of fun we had as kids decorating those little white eggs. I also enjoyed the plastic eggs full of jelly beans. YUM! My mother would buy us those marsh mellow Peeps in shapes of chicks. Does anyone like those? I wasn't a big fan but I think my mom bought them for herself, LOL. She was always happy to accept the Peep offering as I gladly donated them to anyone who would take them off my hands. She always seemed to be the first to take them, LOL. My favorite candy was the chocolate bunny. I had a system of how I took out my basket. I would first start off with the jelly beans, then move onto the chocolate eggs (malted milk balls), and finally work myself down to the gross candy. But I always saved my bunny for last. Maybe break an ear off one day and wrap it back up in the shiny tin foil. Then perhaps another ear and so on. It would take me almost three weeks to work on that basket. But the Peeps, they had to go within the first few minutes, LOL.

What was your favorite candy that you loved to get in your Easter basket as a kid?


  1. Cute post! I've loved reading your Easter memories. Ha Ha... peeps. I don't really like them either but my dad does.

  2. Earlier in Denmark you could buy small marzipan eggs with orange flavour, called "Pieps" (pronounced like your Peeps). I loved them so much, but we cannot find them anywhere any more, ough. Chocolate is always great. :)