Monday, April 5, 2010

Benefit Cosmetics

I love makeup. I remember being a little girl and sneaking lip gloss and a tiny bit of blush on my cheeks. I begged my mom to let me wear it in the 5th grade. Of course she said no. I had to wait to the 7th grade before I was allowed to wear eyeliner and mascara. Ever since....I've been hooked. I have an entire cart (yes, I said cart) dedicated to makeup. It's one of those plastic carts on wheels that I have organized my eye shadows, lipsticks, and other products. If there was a fire I would roll it out first, LOL. I'm always trying different shades of lipsticks and eye shadows. Lately, I've been loving Benefit Cosmetics. They have wonderful shades for Spring. And they have adorable accessories. Just look at this cute lipstick case. Totally cute!


  1. I love that retro stuff! I like to wear makeup too but I could fit all the makeup I use in a little Ziploc bag. My mom is a different story, though - I think all of hers would be the first to go out the door in a fire too!


  2. I'm addicted to makeup too, and keep promising myself not to buy more, but I keep finding fabulous new shades I have to try. :)

  3. I haven't heard of this brand! Love the designs!