Friday, February 26, 2010


Yesterday I was out shopping for a new black pump and noticed the swimsuits already on display. I couldn't help but browse through the new season suits. I happen to make the mistake of trying one on. I normally know to stay clear from a good swimsuit fitting this early in the year. This is the time when my legs haven't seen an ounce of sunshine and are white and pasty. I have a good friend who's from Spain and she always has lightly brown toned legs. What I would give to have her legs. A tan year round without even trying. Me, no I have pasty white glow in the dark legs. I've tried self tanners and even broke down and got the spray tan. Nothing really looks natural on me. Once I even used a self tanner and forgot to do my feet and hands. It looked like I had bright little white mittens and socks on. It took nearly a week for the tanner to wear off. My co worker's gave me a terrible time.

The one good thing about trying on a swim suit this early in the season is that it keeps me motivated to go to the gym. I've been hitting the weights and cardio all winter long. I'm hoping by June my legs will look fabulous in a new swimsuit. What type of swimsuits do you like and why?


  1. pains me to think of getting in a suit now with my pasty legs! LOL. can't wait to get a tan though! Kori xoxo

  2. "pasty white glow in the dark legs" - this is exactly how my legs look too. :)

    Swimsuits - in fact I dream of buying a vintage one much like the one in your drawing. Ester Williams style always looks good. I just saw a FABULOUS swimsuit with a sticker noting "look at least 10 pounds leighter" - but it was SO expensive. I was tempted though.

    Have a lovely weekend. :)

  3. I'm impressed with your dedication to working out! I've put on a swimsuit in years, it's not pretty. HA!