Friday, February 5, 2010

I love being a girl

One of my favorite things about being a girl is being a foofoo girl. I love make up, lipstick, perfume, lotions, and nail polish. There's something about trying a new nail polish that gets me all giddy. I can't wait for Spring when I can reveal my naked toes in a pair of new leather mules or sandals. I feel that my toes have gone into hibernation and are aching to be awakened to the warm sunny Spring temps. Well, I might be getting ahead of myself considering we are only in the first week of February but I stopped by ULTA and browsed through their OPI collection. I found the perfect shade of red. I love painting my toes a bright glossy red during summer. I love the OPI Alice in Wonderland collection. Not only am I a huge Alice in Wonderland fan but I'm also in love with the color red. So the color "Off with her red" is so perfect for me. What is your favorite nail polish?


  1. I think I lost my comment! I just was sayin I agree with you about painting toenails.


  2. I had NO idea OPI had an Alice in Wonderland collection. I love their special collections. I've got to visit Ulta this weekned.

  3. I ADORE makeup and nail polish too. I have just started reading a blog solely about nail polish and it has boosted my love for it. It looks so nice and I love to have a good time taking care of my nails.

    During Summer my toe nails are always baby pink with pink glitter, everybody notices and makes comments. Right now they are dark purple with purple glitter. I think it is OK to use funny colours on your toe nails, my finger nails are much more conservative. I've just started making French manicure, since I got a set for Christmas. Everybody admires it but I think it is quite easy too. I have a steady hand. My next blog post will contain something about nails. :)