Saturday, February 13, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day

Do you remember getting Valentine's in school? I do. One of my first memories of looking forward to Valentine's Day was when I was in the 3rd grade. That's when I had my first secret crush. I didn't even reveal it to my BFF back then (we told each other EVERYTHING). I remember one morning I dropped my Hello Kitty pencil case in class and he picked it up (without destroying it...why do boys at that age destroy everything) and handed it to me. Our hands touched and immediately I had it bad. He was the most cutest boy in my class. He had big blue eyes and sandy blond hair. And he was a surfer (grew up in California). I thought I would absolutely die waiting for Valentine's Day to finally arrive. I waited patiently as he crossed the classroom and began putting his Valentine's into everyone's homemade paper pouch (arts & crafts). Finally he reached my desk, I thought my heart was going to leap from my chest. I smiled REALLY big and he....he...he threw the dang Valentine in my face and called me a dork. I wanted to burst out in tears but instead I told him I didn't want his stupid Valentine because he was gross. Yup, true love. We had it bad for eachother.

Who was your first Valentine crush?


  1. LOL, I think every kid went thru something like that! I can't remember who my Valentine crushes were. Probably the same boy I had a crush on for several years.

    Have a great ♥ day!


  2. Awww... why are boys at that age (and all ages) mean? Poor Gigi. I remember those little Valentine cards... so fun!