Wednesday, April 8, 2009

I saw Peter Rabbit today

This evening we decided to stroll through the greenbelts behind our house. It was nearly 7:30 pm and was very peaceful as we watched the strawberry burst sun begin to melt into night. We have recently relocated from central Texas to southern Texas (they look completely different). It's very lush in the southern region almost reminding me of parts of Louisiana where as the central is full of hills and dry brush. The greenbelts are full of thick brush, spanish moss, and delicious smelling honey suckle.

On our way back home Richard suddenly stopped and held his finger to his lips. He pointed out the most adorable brown bunny patiently waiting for us to cross the path we shared. I thought for sure the bunny would get scared and hop away but he was super laid back. He was chewing on some shrubs peering over the brush. At one point he hopped into the middle of the path and stared at us. I told Richard I think it's Peter Rabbit telling us it's time for Easter. Hope y'all have a fabulous Easter Sunday.

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