Saturday, June 27, 2009


I've been working on my home office this weekend. I've been trying to de-clutter, organize documents, and decorate so it's nice and cheery. I've chosen to decorate my home office in a Shabby Chic theme. I realize it's the little details that make me happy when I sit down to work at my desk. I like cute file folders, pens, pictures, cups, calendars, etc... I found these adorable file folders at Room Service Home. They also started carrying Lilly P desk accessories. Lilly P desk accessories!!! Someone is making a fortune, LOL! I like birds so the birds will do very nicely for my office. What are the special little details that you like to decorate your working area in?


  1. I think your right, it's the little details. I love the file folders, they are darling!

  2. I heart your organizing stuff!!!! Too cute. Your office will be so sweet looking.