Monday, June 22, 2009

Enjoying Summer

WooWee! It's hot, y'all!!! Not just hot but darn right uncomfortable. It's taken everything out of me to roll off the couch and get my housework done. I get so lazy during this time of year. Summer just started and I'm already looking forward to fall. Not that the fall is much cooler. If you live in the South y'all know we have two seasons, hot and hotter. Well, we're in the hotter season and I'm sure looking forward to it being just plain hot again.
Does it get cold in the South? I'll tell ya those two weeks are colder than I can stand. I have to pull out my entire winter wardrobe of three sweaters. And sometimes I have to actually wear a coat. But I only drag that thing out when it's down in the low 40's or 50's. It actually snowed in New Orleans/Houston/Austin last year. It was just slush but everyone was acting like it was the Ice Age. It does get cold in Austin (central Texas). Every so often we get ice storms. I remember my first experience. I actually saw a dead frozen squirrel. That should tell ya how well Southern Texans are prepared for cold weather; even the squirrels are caught off guard.
This weekend I broke down and bought a pool. I guess y'all could call it an above ground pool. It's more a mid range kiddie pool. I got the biggest one from Target. Just looking at the picture of the family enjoying that cool water got me all excited. So I dragged it in the back yard and used our air blower thingy to blow it up. Ahhh, liquid heaven while sipping my cold lemonade. My hubby laughed at me but soon even he couldn't resist the cool liquid temptation. However, our neighbor came out to prune her roses along the fence line. She could hear us splashing around. She knows this house doesn't have in ground pool. I could only imagine what she thought of her new neighbors, LOL! I'm sure she ran back into her house and told her husband, "Yup, their from New Orleans alright. Those crazy Louisianans." Regardless of our high sophisticated profile we sure are enjoying our new pool. How are y'all keeping cool this summer?

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  1. It must be hot everywhere, cuz it sure is up here in Iowa. I went for a walk this morning and the temp was 81 when I left; 56 minutes later, it was 85. I don't even want to know what it is now! It took me forever to cool off. Keep enjoyin' that pool; sounds like it'll come in really handy this summer!