Sunday, December 13, 2009

Christmas Hospitality

When I first moved onto my street 8 months ago things were slightly different. Everyone pretty much stayed to themselves. It's an older settled neighborhood so families have come and gone but most of the original owners still live on our street. I love our neighborhood because the houses are unique, filled with big beautiful trees, lush green yards with tropical flowers, and a ton of greenbelts for walking/jogging. Yes, it was almost perfect. However, the neighbors on my street didn't even know each other. I suppose that's not uncommon these days with everyones hectic schedules and all.

One afternoon I decided I was going to change all that. I decided to make a chocolate chip cookies for everyone on our street. I made a huge batches and put them in little containers with pink tissue paper and wrapped them in a pretty pink bow. I delivered them to their front door and introduced myself as the "new girl" on the block. Everyone was surprised but very friendly. I also handed them a note card with my husband's and my first and last name along with our contact info. They exchanged theirs as well. I told them, "It's good to know who my neighbors are so I can look after them. If I see anything suspicious or they need anything at all (even sugar) please feel free to call me." Before long I began getting a hello here and there, then one by one stop they began visiting me in my yard, and now my neighbors bring food over.

The other night I didn't feel like cooking and I got a knock on my door. My neighbor across the street sent over Lemon Bars. Just as I shut the door another neighbor brought me Enchiladas. That same evening I was in the yard and I stopped to talk to my elderly neighbor across the street when the two neighbors down the street stopped as well. My elderly neighbor couldn't get his lights up on his house so the neighbors son offered to hang them for him. Everyone has lived on this street for over 10 years and they are now starting to get to know each other. It's amazing how far a little hospitality can go. Tomorrow I'm making a batch of sugar cookies for everyone. It feels so festive.

How do you spread Christmas hospitality where you live?


  1. Way to go with the Southern Hospitality! That's great that all the neighbors are friends now. AND oh my gosh, lemon bars and enchiladas in the same night? That's awesome!

  2. What a great story!!! That's awesome that you did that!! Luckily I live on a street where most of us have keys to each others houses, watch each others kids, help each other with jobs around the house, etc. I hate the thought of leaving this street for that reason!

  3. Wow, that is so awesome. I have lived at my house for 4.5 years and barely know my neighbors. I should have done what you did years ago but I am not that outgoing. Good for you!!


  4. Wow. That's great. I think in so many areas today people don't really know their neighbors. I'm glad you took the initiative to change all of that. I live out in the country. I do know all my neighbors. Many of them I've known since I was a kid.

  5. Good for you honey! I think people now a days tend to stay to themselves and "mind their own business." It's nice to see neighbors looking out for one another. You should be proud of yourself! Kori xoxo

  6. What a nice story. In Denmark we also know our neighbours, at least when you live in a house, and we help each other and look after the other houses. It's good being friends with your neighbours.

    Love your blog. :)