Thursday, December 10, 2009

Saying goodbye to an old friend

The other day I was vacuuming and I could smell something burning. It was a funny smell like something electrical. I began looking around and didn't see anything so I continued vacuuming. Then suddenly smoke began pouring out of my machine. I instantly turned it off and watched helplessly as my vacuum began dying in front my eyes. The poor thing. It was like watching an old friend passing away.

I purchased that vacuum before I married my husband. Hoover and I've been through a lot of moves, life changing events, and relationships. And here my poor little friend finally gave out on me. I remember when I first purchased Hoover. I was walking through the mall one Christmas and cut through Sears to the parking lot. As I walked past the vacuum display I was taken back by the beautiful machine. It was bag less. That's when bag less machines were just coming out. It was bag less and purple. What gal doesn't need a purple vacuum cleaner I thought. At that time it was one of the more expensive purchases I made for my little apartment. Because the bag less feature was new my little Hoover cost a small fortune. However, I definitely made a good investment considering that he worked his little heart out for the past 10 years, 3 days a week, before he gave out.

Last night my hubby came home and we went vacuum shopping. Not something I looked forward to doing during Christmas but it needed to be done. Funny how I purchased it 10 years ago around Christmas and it breaks down around Christmas. Anyhoo, I found one that I loved at Target. And it was purple. However, they didn't have one in back. Don't you hate it when that happens (It's like playing with your emotions when you get hooked on the display and then....nothing) I really liked it so my husband decided to try Walmart around the corner. I winced at the thought of going to Walmart and especially during the holidays. We did a drive by and saw that the parking lot wasn't too bad. So we decided to go in and actually it wasn't such a bad experience as we had anticipated. We found the vacuum right away at $20 less than Target and we were able to walk right up to a register and check out. It was our lucky day.

Last night I ran my new friend, Bissell, over my floors. She did a fine job. I couldn't believe how much more advanced she was from my old friend Hoover. She gave me a much deeper cleaning and it was easier to use. Today I've become a vacuum maniac. I've been vacuuming every room in the house. I called my husband and told him how much I love my new vacuum. That's when you know you've finally grown up when you're overly zealous for household appliances, lol.

What household appliance or tool are you absolutely in love with?

I also wanted to thank Amy over at for giving me a sweet blogging reward. If y'all haven't visited Amy before you really should. She is a new proud momma of twin baby boys. They are precious!!! Her blog is hilarious. She always keeps me laughing as she blogs about her love for Bama football (Roll Tide), her new adventures in motherhood, and her Martha Stewart crafting abilities. Love ya, Amy!


  1. Congratulations on your new vacuum! It's hard when and old faithful dies, but it is exciting to get a new one. Yea, we women are funny. We get all excited over appliances! But we know what makes our lives easier!

    Hope you're having a great day!


  2. I am ready to say goodbye to my "friend" the vacuum! It got super jammed with pine needles a few years back which required major surgery, and it's been dying a slow death ever since. Once we move I'm going to buy a new one - maybe a Dyson Ball vacuum but I'm not sure, haven't done any research yet. Had to buy a new dustbuster a couple weeks ago and had pretty much the same experience as you. Target didn't have any (???) so I found one at Walmart. Have fun with your new friend. :)


  3. So Sweet!!! Thank you soooo much for the sweet comments!! I am having a bad day and that just made it a little better :-)

  4. I really like my kitchen aid professional. :) I get very weak and it sure does come in handy for a lot of things. Why, I just made butter with it yesterday. :)

  5. Oh no... RIP Poor Hoover. I hope you enjoy your new vacuum. The majority of my Christmas list is household items~ I'm getting old! My latest excitement is flatware.

  6. We get so attached to things like that! A purple one? How sweet! Thanks for visiting today honey and commenting on my Jo Stafford post. She reminds me of my grandmother too. It's funny because I always thought, "I wonder why she likes that old music like the stupid Andrews sisters." LOL. Now I love it! She's probably smiling down on me for that. Hope you had a great day doll. Kori xoxo

  7. that happenend to my hair dryer! it actually burst into flames! i was upset i had had it for so long xxx

  8. I am thoroughly bonded to my Kitchen Aid mixer but am most dependent on my Bissell too. I am hoping to get a second one so I can have an "upstairs" and "downstairs" vacuum.

    The machine we have now is actually a replacement we got under warranty because the first one died. I kept it so clean that even the technician commented on that. Weird, I know. But you use one vacuum to keep the other one clean.

    These machines are great. Be sure to tilt the "head" up off the floor when you change the height adjustment. I have a small portable vacuum I use to clean the filters quite regularly.

    Sorry for your loss, but I'm happy all is well for you again!

  9. Sorry your old vacuum died on you. But it sounds like you got yourself a much better one. Glad it turned out for the best. Enjoy the weekend. Try not to wear yourself out vacuuming.

  10. Thanks for visiting last night honey! I really appreciate your support. You are too kind. I have to finish it or I won't forgive myself. I can't wait to let you know I'm done. Hope you have a great weekend friend. Kori xoxo

  11. Do you vacuum three days a week!? Is that really necessary?

    I just LOVE my washing machine and wouldn't ever live without it. In fact laundry is the household chore I like most. That is the sorting, starting the machine, hanging the clothes to dry, and thereafter folding it and placing it nicely in the closets.

    hugs from Denmark