Sunday, December 6, 2009

Favorite Christmas Memories

My favorite Christmas memories are from my childhood. When I was little we would go over to my grandparents house. My Papa was a jazz man and we would wake up to a house full of Christmas jazz. My Meme would be in the kitchen making her famous Swedish pancakes and hashbrowns. Afterwards we opened gifts and my Papa and I would dance around the living room. My favorite gift I received as a little girl was from my Meme and Papa. It was a red Snoopy watch. I was obsessed with Snoopy when I was younger. I even got a Snoopy electric toothbrush. It had a huge Snoopy handle and the holder was Snoopy's dog house. Very cool!

My grandparents have passed on many years ago. However, I still carry on the tradition of playing Christmas jazz and serving Swedish pancakes/hashbrowns on Christmas morning.

What are some of your favorite Christmas memories?


  1. Awww, love your memories! They are sweet.

    My favorite memory was from my childhood, too. Every Christmas in my stocking I'd get Brach's caramels. I LOVE brach's caramels and that was the best treat ever!


  2. Great memory :) My favorite memory is from Christmas Eve. Every Christmas Eve, we always attended mass and then came home, made some hot chocolate, and opened one gift each. The gifts were always from our grandparents and they were always new pajamas and socks. We would change into the new clothes and wear them on Christmas morning. We have continued this tradition with our kids as well...with my parents buying them their new pj's :)

  3. Swedish pancakes and hashbrown sounds YUMMY!!! One of my fav Christmas memories is making a paper chain with my mom to count down the days till Christmas...I can't wait to start doing this with the boys. I also loved helping my mom makke her Christmas cookies every year so I could lick the beaters :-)
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  4. Awww, your Papa sounds so great. I loved Snoopy too. Did you have the Snoopy Snowcone Machine? It never really worked for us. :)

  5. Great memories! We always opened all our gifts on Christmas Eve so Santa could come that night. I remember this house who was owned by a dentist at the top of our city. He had a huge star that you could see everywhere in the city. I always felt like it represented the North star and God was looking down on me that night. Thanks for commenting on my Rat Pack post honey. You are too sweet! Kori xoxo

  6. I can remember coming into the living room early Christmas morning to see all my gifts laid out on the couch. That's how they were always displayed.

    I'm so glad you enjoy my blog. I appreciate it. I'm now following your blog.

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