Saturday, December 19, 2009

The Holidays

I finally finished up my Christmas shopping so now I can sit back and truly enjoy the holiday. This afternoon my husband and I stopped by a new French bakery he came across last week. It's awesome and filled with so many goodies. We definitely have to make ourselves go jogging tomorrow, lol. My husband got a napoleon and I got a cupcake. Ok, that might not sound so bad but you didn't see what we brought home. Two boxes of a huge selection of cookies. They are all so delish and the car smelled so good on the way home. I wish they had a car freshener that smelled like cookies. However, I would constantly crave them so maybe that wouldn't be a good idea, lol.

We also cruised around downtown and looked at all the cool Christmas decorations. I wish we had window displays like they did back in the day. One of my favorite scenes in the movie The Christmas Story is when the entire family was standing in front of the window display. That's when Ralphie saw the Red Ryder BB Gun. I wish life was that simple again. Back when families spent more time together, gifts were more simple, and the holiday wasn't so commercialized. I guess I'm old fashioned because I love the retro lifestyle.


  1. Hey there. I hope you're having a good weekend. It's been cold and rainy here. Our internet keeps going out so I did want to leave a comment on your blog. Take care. Have a great week. Cheers!

  2. Yay for finishing your Christmas shopping! That is the best feeling. I wish Christmas was simple too. It is definitely commercialized. :( Enjoy the yummy French baked goods!

  3. I love window displays too. We have a few old timey looking ones on the square in Mcdonough.
    I only have one more gift to buy then I can relax and enjoy the season too. Watching movies by the fire and baking. Yay! Hope you enjoy yourself and have a great Christmas!