Thursday, January 21, 2010


The other day I was out shopping and I started feeling sluggish. My husband and I've decided to replace our living room furniture. I pretty much know what I'm looking for and now its just finding the "deal." We're in an economy slump, y'all. It's all about saving money where you can. We spent a good amount of time visiting some stores the other day and I could feel my energy level quickly dropping.

We decided to stop off and get a drink at McDonald's. I told my husband to order a large size drink and we'd share (soda is bad for your teeth). I was floored when he passed a large size coke to me. Y'all, this thing was enormous. I had to hold it with two hands because I was afraid it would tilt over in our console. Really?!! This is now considered a large drink?

I was so amazed at the size that I looked up some information. In the 1950's a serving of Coke was considered 7-oz.. Today, a small serving of Coke is 16-oz, a large Coke is considered 32-oz., and the child size drink is 12-oz.! We are giving our children nearly double the amount of cola as an average adult during 1950's. YIKES! No wonder America is so unhealthy. It's shocking to see how much more calories we are drinking and eating now. Why has America gone crazy with Super Sizing? Did y'all know that United States has the most cases of Diabetes and Heart Disease than any other nation in the world? What on earth are they putting in our food and why are the portions so big? I believe that I'll be packing an ice chest this approaching week of bottled water and a regular size can of soda in the trunk of my car. It's not a financial issue but more of a health issue. Next time a need a little pick-me-up I'll grab a can of soda from my ice chest and skip the 800 calories.


  1. We got a Brita water pitcher a few months ago and that has helped me cut down on my pop/caffeine consumption. I get headaches a lot and I think sometimes it's from caffeine withdrawal if I've been drinking a lot of pop and then go cold turkey for a day or two. It is a hard cycle to break! But having the water pitcher helps.


  2. Great idea! Heck, you could put a six pack of beer in that cooler and still have the same number of calories as a super size coke! :)

  3. I very rarely drink soda, for health reasons. Whenever I run to the city for the day, I always have a bottle of water with me. I may get a coffee while I'm there but never soda. You are right about the diabetes. It's scary what people will consume. Another reason I'm very particular about what I eat when out and about.


  4. Yeah...I saw this on a documentary once. Did you ever see that movie with that guy in it that eats fast food for 30 days straight? It was to document what happens to your body and how you feel when you eat the food. He ate it for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Pretty gross.

    When I take the kids to Mickey D's...I just order the happy meal with fruit and chocolate milk instead of soda. They mostly just want the toys the

  5. I know... the portion sizes are out of control. I've been trying to eat dinner on a salad plate these days. However, I think the salad plate is larger than my old ones. Ha.

  6. In Denmark we say that everything is bigger in the US! :) I've heard that a large cola is two litres (not sure about the ounces) in the US, in Denmark a large cola is ½ litre. A few places it is one litre. But consider it - who can drink ONE LITRE cola!? I would have to spend the whole day to get it down. I always order a child size which normally is about 33 cl, and then DH drinks the rest for me. HA! But carrying your own bottled water, you can buy so many nice bottles that goes into the dishwasher, is a great idea. We often bring tea with us in a steel thermos - cheap, nice and cosy! :)