Wednesday, January 13, 2010

I'm back from vacay!!!

I literally have been home for 2 hours. I've unpacked and started the mountain of laundry. Oh my goodness...the word fun can't even begin to describe what a good time we had on our little vacay. We ate ourselves silly with some of Louisiana's best Cajun cuisine, pralines, and even toured the Conrico Rice factory (best dirty rice in the world). For those who aren't from the region, dirty rice is type of rice it's not actually dirty y'all. We toured the Tabasco factory at Avery Island and even stopped by a plantation down in New Iberia. I have all sorts of stories and about 200 pictures. But I'll have to post those later this week.

I just logged on and saw that my good friend, Jill, over at peeptoepumpsandpearls just tagged me. I love getting tagged and reading others because you get to really know some of your fond blogging buddies. Here goes:


1.) Answer 5 questions with 5 answers

2.) Tag 5 other bloggers

Question #1- Where were you 10 years ago?

1.) I was living in Eugene, Oregon and working for an insurance company. I was dating a wine salesman and often attended wine shows. I made a lot of friends in the wine industry while I lived there. I didn't realize until after I moved to Oregon that the Pacific Northwest has huge wineries. My favorite winery in Oregon is Duck Pond. The property is gorgeous and they have a fantastic Pinot Grigio.

2.) I remember celebrating Y2K at home. Again, I was in Oregon and it was cold and rainy that year (when does it not rain in Oregon, ha). I didn't feel like going out because it was so cold and instead watched movies in my pj's. I ordered in Chinese and was in bed by 9 PM. I was leaving for Seattle the following day and needed my rest.

3.) I purchased my very first car on my own. I bought a brand new Toyota Corolla (my first grown up purchase). It was black and had grey upholstery. I had it shipped to the dealership because a lot of the cars sold (new) in Oregon do not have A/C. The summer months are very mild in the Pac Northwest so you don't need A/C. However, I'm from California and my family lives in the Sacramento Valley so I would die if I were to ever visit them in the summer (not unusual to get up to 115 in summer months). Thank goodness I did because I moved back to California and kept that car for another 2 years. I wouldn't have survived those summer months without A/C.

4.) I had my first major adult relationship break up. I was a long way from home and had to make a huge life decision on my own. I believe those hardships helps make you stronger and more mature when you handle them on your own and not under the influence of others. You really evolve in character.

5.) I began a career in insurance that lead me to take a position back in California (where I met my husband). This year was the stepping stone to my future of where I am today. It was a hard year but good year (a lot of growing up).

Question #2- What is on your "TO DO LIST" today?

1.) Laundry
2.) Check e-mail

3.) Pick up mail from post office

4.) Start dinner

5.) Clean out my car from road trip

Question #3- What 5 snacks do you enjoy?

1.) Chips and Queso

2.) String cheese

3.) Grapes
4.) Popcorn

5.) Ice Cream

Question #4- 5 places you have lived?
1.) San Francisco, CA

2.) Eugene, OR
3.) New Orleans, LA

4.) Austin, TX

5.) Houston, TX

Question #5- 5 things you would do if you were a billionaire? The first thing we would do if we were billionaire's....we wouldn't tell ANYONE. Money divides relationships. It's a powerful thing that if used properly can help lives but it can easily destroy lives too. We wouldn't stop working but would use the extra to enrich our lives as well as others. Again, we would never reveal the amount of money we had to ANYONE.

1.) After I tithed my 10% I would donate 20% to my our favorite Christian charities (medical missions).

2.) I would invest in future business adventures (anonymously) that would help fund community outreaches to help people in need in our area.

3.) Become 100% debt free and use my income to work for others. Money gives you the opportunity to bless those who you normally wouldn't come across. I would have the ability to travel to other parts of the world to give hope to the hopeless. New hospitals, medicine, medical procedures, schools, housing, clean water, etc... So many people who need help across the globe. Again, we would anonymously donate.

4.) I would want to build my own plantation style home (small version). I would want a home where I could entertain guests, bless them with Southern hospitality, raise my future children there, and create a Godly family heritage that I could pass down to future generations (make many wonderful family memories). I remember vividly my grandparents house all the way down to the old cracked candy dish. It's the little memories that become the big things you desire most in life.

5.) Selfishly, I would want to buy my Mercedes SUV and perhaps my other dream car...1955 T-Bird. My father use to own a classic car business and I fell in love with a 55 T- Bird he restored.

I tag.....

A Different Kind of Southern Girl


  1. I'm so glad you had a great time on your trip honey. It sounds like so much fun. I'm jealous and am craving pralines! I love this post. I got to know you a little better. I will definitely post my own tomorrow. I appreciate being tagged and absolutely love your blog doll. Oh, by the way, I want that car! Kori xoxo

  2. Thanks for the tag - mine is posted on my blog! Sounds like a great vacation. My husband's parents were in Louisiana a couple weeks ago and they also toured the Tabasco factory!


  3. You don't need air conditioners in cars in Oregon? Wow! I too live in the Houston area and I use the air conditioner even in the winter! I am anxious to see your photos of Louisiana!

  4. I know, I couldn't dream of not having A/C now. Here's something else that I didn't realize until after I moved to Oregon. They didn't have screens on the windows because they don't have the bug problem like we do in the South. It was crazy. However, they do have mold problem because of the rain. It's cold rain vs. the hot rain in the South. I love that I was able to experience both regions of the country.

  5. Great answers, Gigi. I love what you would do with the money if you were a billionaire, so sweet and generous!