Sunday, January 17, 2010


On our little vacay we stopped by the Tabasco plant. It was so much fun and really interesting. It was freezing that day so we were practically the only guests there. Normally it's really crowded so the tour guide gave us extra Tabasco sauce.

This is my hubby being silly with a massive over sized bottle of Tabasco bottle.

I found this really interesting. The barrels they use to make Tabasco comes from Jack Daniels. They buy them from the Jack Daniels plant and wash them out before they mash the peppers into a liquid form. Then they add salt to the peppers and wait for 3 years before they open the barrel. The salt settles on top of the barrel into a thick hard residue (almost like cement). Did y'all know that? I didn't. And I didn't realize that every jar of Tabasco sauce comes from this one individual plant. They supply the world's Tabasco supply from Avery Island, Louisiana. They also sell the pepper oil to candy and gum makers. The next time you purchase cinnamon gum you'll know that the oil came from Avery Island.

At the end of the tour you can visit the Tabasco Country Store. Good night! Do they ever have so much Tabasco paraphernalia in there. I've seen the catalog but I wasn't prepared to be overwhelmed with so much Tabasco goodies. Y'all, they even have Tabasco flavored ice cream. They have two flavors, original and Jalapeno. My favorite was Jalapeno.

Check out this chandelier made from empty Tabasco bottles.

I bought these really cute sack cloth kitchen towels. I'm a big fan of sack cloth towels and to make my day....they had Tabasco bottles that are Mary Lake Thompson!!! I couldn't resist the combination (had to have them).

I purchased these little Tabasco goodies for two of our neighbors. I ended up making my own little gift bag for them. This is how it turned out. * Note to all my Yankee friends....those are not baby lobsters. They are Crawfish.

And a visit to Louisiana wouldn't be complete without a box of Aunt Sally's pralines.


  1. How neat is that?! When we first moved here, I had heard about the Tabasco plant but we have never gone. How cool :) Love the gift bags and the pralines :)

  2. Your little Tabasco gifts are so cute. I love the way you wrapped them. There used to be a Tabasco store at Rivercenter Mall in SA. I did a few display windows for them. I never knew the company was based in LA. Very interesting story.

    I really wish I had a praline right now. I'm dying for something sweet but I'm in a hotel room with no snacks. That's probably a good thing.

  3. OMG...u just cracked me up!!!! The Sesame Street Song comparison was classic!! I totally understand what you are talking about!!!! I will post about an interesting night I had, soon. BTW...I love the picture of your hubby with the giant bottle of Tabasco :-)

  4. Those kitchen towels are just darling!