Monday, July 20, 2009

The Fabulous 50's

We were discussing the 1950's era with our family and friends. The retro feel is definitely back and not only do I love it but it seems everyone is enjoying it too. I believe the 1950's represents something very special in American history. This was a time when we would get together as families around the dinner tables (not live separate lives), a time when mothers/housewives worked in the home (weren't looked down on for not having a career), when dad's didn't kill themselves by working 60 hours a week (didn't have to worry about downsizing or global corporate take overs), you could help a stranger (not worry about getting sued), kids could play on their bikes (without getting kidnapped), and you didn't have to apologize for believing in Jesus (no such thing as Politically Correct).

Life was definitely easy going compared to today. However, just because we live in a time when things are a bit crazy doesn't mean we have to participate in it. It's nice to take charge of my life and schedule and say, "No thank you, I'm going the other way." I'm not interested in running the race with the Joneses. I don't care if the Joneses have the bigger house, I don't feel bad if the Joneses have the nicer car, I really could care less if the Joneses have the newest high tech gadget, and I'm really not impressed with the Joneses who put value into stuff over integrity. No, I think my "uncool" life suits me just fine. I'm feeling the need to live a more simple life without the hustle and bustle. Therefore, I'll just watch the Joneses run their little hearts out in this race called life; I'll be sipping my cold ice lemonade from the stress free sidelines.

My favorite things about the 1950's.....

Bobby Darin is one of my favorite singers from the 50's. My hubby and I had a retro 50's style wedding. We played all 50's/New Orleans music during our reception. It was a lot of fun. Every age group was out on the dance floor. Bobby Darin was one of the artist we played.

I grew up watching Doris Day movies. I loved, "Please don't eat the Daisies." I thought Doris Day was beautiful.

My dream car since I was about 9 years old. My dad use to restore cars and when I was younger he restored a 1956 T-Bird. I fell in love at first sight and I've wanted one ever since.

Who doesn't love Perry Mason? I thought Perry Mason was one cool dude. He always figured it out, caught the bad guy, and saved the innocent from going to jail, all within the hour. My hubby and I have been watching the old series on our dvd sets. They are so much fun. I love to look at all the retro clothing. The men looked so classy in then with their suits and hats.

What do y'all like about the 1950's. I would love for you to share with me.


  1. Oh I think we are kindred spirits! I couldn't agree with you more. I just always thought Doris Day was so beautiful and I love that old music. Mostly though, I love my family and my goal is to attempt to keep it simple and take care of them. It is not easy.

  2. I couldnt agree more with your blog. My husband and I are both 30 a feel cheated almost for missing out on those years. Life really is so fast paced that isnt fun anymore, well, if you let it come to that. Actually, we watch Andy Griffith every evening and I told him the other night "I wanna live in Mayberry" He said he didnt think there was a place like that anymore, at least around this area. Thats sad. People feel as though they have to have things to be somebody and children have to have cell-phones. I do love shopping and new things, but they do not control my life, I am happy without them and if I want something, I work for it. We are trying to simplify our life as well. Hoping to build a chicken coupe one day as well, maybe some cattle at some point and live off of our land. Thanks for the wonderful blog, Erica

  3. My sistah! You have your priorities straight and your head screwed on right as far as what life should be (as far as I'm concerned!)

    I grew up watching Doris Day movies, too. She was always the sweetest, purest person to see in films.

    I was born in '59, so I guess that't my favorite thing about the 50's!! ;-)


  4. I just found your blog via Sweet Cottage Dreams and I must say, I love it. We visited New Orleans a few years ago. Unfortunatey we had no choice but to go there in June. Lordy Mercy, it was hot. It was difficult to appreciate everything when you are willting. We would love to go back one day when it's cooler so we can see more. I for one love the Southern Candymakers pralines, but then, I haven't met a praline that I didn't love!

  5. O, you are so a girl after my own heart...
    Hi, I'm bj and so pleased to meet you!
    I had the pleasure of being a teen during the 50's and everyone can believe it when they hear the 50's were one of the best times to grow up in. Oh, girl, I could post from here to kindgom come about the 50's...and now that you mention it...I am gonna do just that.
    I will try to let you know when I do so you can share it with me.
    Fabulous we would have said in high school in 1956, "this post was swell" !!
    When you have time, come on over to see me...I'd love that.
    xo bj

  6. me again..just signed up to follow...come over and follow me...maybe we can meet in the middle. lol
    I'm also a Texas blogger..

  7. I wish we could go back to those simpler days!! I wrote down your recipe for peach cobler and I will give it a try, I have been trying to find an old fashioned recipe, the one I tried came out to cakie, if you know what I mean (;

  8. AMEN! I totally agree with what you are saying here. If you have some time,stop by my blog and read, How Old is Grandpa", on my June 25,2009 entry.

  9. My favorite car is a 57 Chevy Belair. :) I'm 33, but have always had an old fashioned mindset. I love the 1800's also. I like your blog. :)