Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Summer Movies

I can't wait for this weekend. I'm planning on a 50's movie marathon. I'm going to rent some of my favorite oldies. I love eating popcorn with peanut M&M's and cherry coke. I keep thinking of crawling up on my sofa and relaxing with a movie weekend.

These are the movies I'm going to rent:

Gidget ~ I grew up in California and I use to love to surf with my friend in Huntington Beach. We use to spend our summers (preteens) watching old Gidget reruns. We both had crushes on Moon Doggie, LOL!

American Graffiti ~ I remember watching this movie at my aunt's house. She use to live in Modesto, California. She took us by the old Mel's drive-in. That's where American Graffiti was filmed. We use to drive the strip in the summer. Modesto was just a little town back then. Now it's totally changed.

Blue Hawaii ~ Who doesn't love a movie starring Elvis? I think it's sort of cheesy but it still reminds me of summer.

Share with me some of your summer movie favorite's from your childhood. I'd love to hear them....


  1. We're related. I know we are! I loved Gidget movies, too. I also watched a lot of Elvis. Those were the days!


  2. Omigosh..if it were not for the fact that i am quite a bit older than you, I would swear we are twins...As I mentioned before, I grew up in the 50's, graduating from high school in '56. Elvis was my life!! My friends and I screamed over him and almost fainted the one time we got to see him in 1956.
    Popcorn and coke was our diet back then, too. ESPECIALLY cherry cokes! I am trying to wrap my mind around the M&M's, tho...I am THINKING they came along a little later. When hubby and I go to the movie, I dump the M&M's in with the popcorn now. :O)
    OK, of course I know where Abilene is, but The Woodlands? I don't believe I know where that is. Where did you have in mind that we could meet? It sure would be fun!!

  3. Ok...confused here. It surely must be a Senior moment!! ha...I was thinking you lived in Abilene..then, I went back and read some of your blog and see that I was wrong. If you are in Austin or Houston either one, we are a looong ways from each other..:O)