Monday, July 27, 2009


Dust off those pie plates and start those ovens. The housewife is back!!!

Y'all I refuse to watch the news these days. It's just downright depressing with all the talk of a struggling economy, political cat fights, the housing crisis, and the crushing anxiety of unemployment. I don't intend to stick my head in the sand but I need a break. I'm trying to concentrate on good things and take care of my family. Lately I've been watching retro shows on TV Land, Bewitched, I Dream of Jeannie, and Leave It to Beaver. It's been truly a nice change from all those disgusting reality shows. And to tell you the truth, watching these old programs encourages me to be a better housewife. And I must not be the only one because I found a very interesting article this afternoon.

The article stated that a large percentage of women are going back to the basics. They have been quitting their jobs and going back to the traditional housewife status. More and more housewives are appearing as the financial crisis is spreading across the globe. Many have decided to trade corporate life for housewife. They are raising children as they are reaching for their cookbooks. And that's not all, craft supplies, cooking essentials, gardening, and sewing machine sales are increasing by the minute. I guess the old-fashioned frugal lifestyle is becoming more of the mindset of American women.


  1. Yay, bring 'er on!
    I too watch LOTS of TVLand. Especially Andy Griffith, Im obsessed. I could be Aunt Bee, LOL! and who wouldnt want to be?

  2. Me again. Im dropping by to let you know that I have an award for you if you choose to pick it up. You can find it at .
    Thanks, Erica

  3. I agree about news to an extent. Being a Stay at Home Mom, there is a part of me that enjoys watching the news because it keeps me up to date with the outside world. It can be draining though...which is why I only watch it like...once or twice a But anytime other then that..I am watching either the Food Network, HGTV, Drama shows like Army Wives, or sitcoms.

  4. That is, when my 3 year old isn't watching Disney, Nick, or PBS :) Although she will watch Food Network with me :)