Thursday, July 9, 2009

Party theme

This post is for Shabby Tammie. She's going to be hosting a 60th B-Day party for her mother. Tammie I have an idea that I came across not long ago that would look great for her 60th Birthday bash. Take a look and let me know what you think?

I love the pink colors they use in this setting. However, this could also be very pricey if you were to use dinner settings. These are my suggestions to keep the cost low but to get the same effect:

1.) Paper plates- I would buy dark pink paper plates from your local party supply store.

2.) Tablecloth- I would also purchase a light pink disposable tablecloth from the party supply store as well. I would get a light pink to show the contrast between the colors; as shown in the original picture.

3.) White napkins & utensils- I would tie the utensils inside the white napkin and wrap it around with a green ribbon. This would give the same effect as the greenery shown above.

4.) I would buy pink carnations as my centerpiece. They are cheap and any local florist will have them. You might want to check with Sams Club. You can buy an entire arrangement for under $8.00.

5.) Plastic cups- To serve pink lemonade or cherry 7up. And scatter pink Jelly Beans to get the petal effect.

6.) Also, I would put together a gift table in the same light pink tablecloth. I would buy dark pink balloons as my centerpiece. It will look so festive when the guests arrive with Birthday gifts.

How many guests will be attending? I have several menu's that I've used for work functions, holidays, and dinner parties. I'd be happy to share.....

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  1. Gigi..
    Thank you for your wonderful post... I Luv your ideas..
    Count me in pink is involved both myself and my mom luv pink... I'm not quite sure how many will attend probably between 15-30 maybe more not quite sure yet I have to sit down and make a guest list .. If you don't mind I would love to have your assistance with the menu..
    Bless your heart you've been such a big help!!!