Friday, July 24, 2009

Life is a pile of Laundry

This morning I finally worked up enough courage to enter the laundry room. I was hoping (maybe wishing) that a little fairy had come over night and emptied my hamper and started a few loads for me. No such luck!

As I began separating the darks/whites it occurred to me how life is a lot like laundry. Everyone has it, we don't like talking about it, we usually hide it behind a closed door, and eventually we have to deal with it. I'm at the point in my life where I'm dealing with my pile of laundry and separating the darks (mistakes) from the whites (good decisions). I've had to wear a lot of stained and wrinkled clothes (my struggles)in my life. Looking at my discolored garments I think; what on earth was I thinking!!! Usually that was the case, I wasn't thinking at all. It's amazing how one small red sock (poor decision) can ruin a load of whites (good decisions). Have you ever tried to fix a pink shirt that was white? Impossible!

As I get older I realize how important it is to take my time doing my laundry and read the tags (scripture) before tossing a garment so carefree (jumping into things) into my machine. I use the appropriate detergent (prayer) for my garments now. When drying I sometimes put them in the dryer with a scented fabric softener (faith) and wait for them to dry (answered prayer). Afterwards I use a iron (press on) and work on getting the creases out of my garment (my life). No matter how white and crisp my outfit is; it doesn't take long for a small wrinkle to appear (reminds me that I'm not perfect). So, I'm not going to be judgmental towards those who have wrinkled and stained clothes. But I will give them the name of a good dry cleaner (Jesus).

Just a few little things to brighten the laundry in your life....


  1. That's a great post. Your comment, "what was I thinking?" is something I've asked myself numerous times. Thank GOD for a good dry cleaner!


  2. Hey! This is Libby over at Sugar Pie :) This post is soooo right on girl! I never really thought about how our lives are similiar to our laundry. I guess that's where the phrase, "Everyone has dirty laundry" came from. Great blog girl :)